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Mrs. Clem's Class

Welcome to kindergarten! I am delighted  that your child is my class this year! I look forward to an exciting time of learning  and growing together. 
Let me share a little about myself:
  • I have known the joy of teaching children at WES, my childhood school, since 1993.  I have taught third grade and kindergarten here.  Prior to moving home, I taught first and second grades in Louisiana for seven years.
  • I received a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Alabama and a Master's in Early Childhood Ed from the University of West Alabama.
  • I am married to JimBo. We have three grown daughters and son-in-laws plus seven fabulous grandchildren.
  • I love camping and spending time with my family.
I anticipate an exceptional school year!  I am convinced that the possibilities are endless if we  "spark"  the love of learning and leading in your child.