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Coach Stanley's Class

My name is Jeff Stanley, but most people just refer to me as Coach Stanley! I teach Physical Education for Kindergarten the Second Grade. I also coach Varsity Football and Varsity Baseball at the High School, so I see a wide range of students. Some people wonder why I am a PE teacher and how I can relate to the students so well. The truth is, I have three kids at Westside, so this is an everyday thing for me and I wouldn't trade it in for anything!
I received my Undergrad from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, which is where I am originally from. I have been teaching Physical Education for roughly nine years. I like to make my classroom fun and engaging for all students. My goal is to ensure that they are ready for the next grade, as well as teach them about why we do the things we do in class. A lot of students do not understand that the things we do in class will have a direct impact on the movements they perform later in life. 
Physical Education at Westside is the building block for many of the students. They learn different movements, as well as the basics of many sports and games. We work to provide a safe learning environment where students can work to perfect their craft and look forward to the future!